Building Disaster Resilience Program in Pakistan- Phase 1

Disaster and emergency response is the area where FDO has specialized in last few years. While it prepares communities to mitigate the risks of disasters, it focuses on responding to emergencies and early recovery. However, it helps to keep  connecting communities to the organizations who are already working on the capacity building component of vulnerable communities. FDO is implementing Building Disaster Resilience in Pakistan, a project of sixteen months (May 2017 to August 2018). The focus of the project is to improve the living standard of marginalized community with integrated approach.  Shelter, Community Physical infrastructure schemes, skill based training's and provision of tool kits, Health & Nutrition and agricultural Initiatives are the major domain of this project.  Targeted Area;          It is pilot phase which is implementing in 4 UCs of Tehsil Kot Addu, District Muzaffargarh and likely to be extended for 03 years after the completion of its pilot phase. Objectives of Project: Target communities have effective disaster risk management structures in place to take up and advocate resilience building measures;  
  • Target communities and households are prepared to (a) cope with climate related natural disasters and (b) adopt risk reduction measures, and
  • Target communities & households are introduced to sustainable livelihoods and environmental management practices for resilience building.
Major Activities:
  • Establishment of Village Disaster Management Committees for effective disaster risk management structures, they have to take up and advocate resilience building measures.
  • Establishment of Village Emergency response teams to support and raise awareness among community on disaster risk reduction.
  • Establishment of Union council Resilience Forum (UCRF) to assist and coordinate with District disaster Management Authority(DDMA) for enhancing capacity building program.
  • Establishment of Union council Disaster Management Fund (UCDRF) for developing fund.
  • Implementation of Livelihood activities relating to climate smart Agriculture, flood and drought tolerant crops.
  • Conducting Sensitization and awareness raising seminars in schools through IEC material.
  • Organizing sessions, setting stalls, putting banners, slide shows and distribution of material on during public event days.
  • Installation/Construction of Early warning system (e.g. markers or gauges or flags or crowd sourcing through cell phones etc.) with proper visibility.
  • Construction/Rehabilitation of small to medium and medium to large schemes at village and union council level DRR/ Livelihood infrastructure.
  • Training of Masons on techniques of Building back safer/resilient shelter construction.
  • Construction of disaster resilient latrines blocks in communal shelters.
  • Installation/Construction of disaster resilient hand pumps.
  • Formation and orientation of hygiene clubs in schools.
  • Interactive/street theaters on hygiene promotion.
  • Promotion of Home Based Poultry / Turkeys and ducks and Training.
  • Improved community capacity in livestock management through Community Livestock Extension Workers (CLEW) workforce development.
  • Community Based Nurseries for Quality Seedling and Plants Production.
  • Vocational/skill Training.

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