Building Disaster Resilience Program in Pakistan

Project Detail
Disaster and emergency response is the area where FDO has specialized in last few years. FDO prepares communities to mitigate the risks of disasters and focuses on responding to emergencies and early recovery. Ithelps to connecting communities to the organizations already working on the capacity building component of vulnerable communities. The BDRP Programme is following an integrated approach for resilience building measures in CBDRM, shelter, WASH, infrastructure, on-farm livelihoods and off-farm livelihoods. DFID funded CBDRM component of BDRP Programme is working with the poor and vulnerable households and communities to build their resilience to climate related natural disasters by August 2018.
Target Area
FDO implementing this project activities in 4 union councils of tehsil Jatoi District Muzaffargarh.
Major Activities:
  • Training sessions of 04 UCDMCs in BDRP program have been completed. Total 87 community members (48 Male & 37 Female) including stakeholders from district health and education department participated in these sessions
  • CBDRM training of 121 influential persons, community leaders, and Religious Leaders (76 Male and 45 Female) have been completed who are performing as Facilitators & Gatekeepers for target ommunities
  • 14 school emergency response teams (SERT) have also been formed and organized in Government school of Jatoi
  • Training of 100 Masons on Techniques of Resilient Construction & Provision of Standard Toolkits achieved
  • Health & Hygiene Promotion awareness raised among rural communities of Jatoi using approach of; 14 Triggering Exercises and formation of 20 hygiene clubs in public schools
  • 51 Male and 23 Female Farmers have been trained to adopt Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) and Conservative Agriculture (CA) Based Technologies
  • Agri-Inputs have been provided to 16 Farmers for Community Based Quality Seed Production, Multiplication and storage facilities
  • 14 Farmers have received agri-inputs from FDO for CSA practices to promote primarily utilizing conservation agriculture in combination to improve seed varieties
  • The FDO-Livelihood team conducted the 03 sessions with 75 women farmers on livestock management (feed & fodder preservation)
  • 290 women have received seeds along with toolkit for promotion of Improved Households Nutrition through vegetables production at household level
  • 04 Nurseries have been established and 10000 Trees have also been planted with assistance of public stakeholders to increase & rehabilitate degraded and flood prone lands
  • 05 Sensitization and Awareness have been organized in public schools to raise level of knowledge about DRR
  • 42 person with different disabilities (PWDs) have been facilitated for linking with district Social Welfare Department for support
  • 100 men and women have been identified and engaged for training of vocational skills including; Auto mechanic, Plumbering, Tailoring and Embroidery have been finalized and is in progress

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