Access To Justices

  • To develop and implement a multiple-pronged public awareness campaign that increase citizens knowledge of the laws, which protect their fundamental freedoms;
  • To strengthen the capacity of existing legal aid centers that provide legal services to those whose rights have been violated;
  • To advocate for protection measures and free and fair trial in cases pertaining to religious freedom;
  • To increase broad range of legal services to priority vulnerable population that is mention in pyramid;
  • Improved knowledge of and positive behavior s among members of the local community, police, legal aid workers and local government bodies towards fundamental rights of vulnerable population;
  • Increased demand for protection measures and free and fair trial among civil society, duty bearers, and parliamentarians in religious freedom cases;
   Target Area:    In District Multan three towns, subdivisions & their union counsels are include in targeted area following towns
  • Sher Shah Town
  • Moosa Pak Town
  • Bosan Town
Target Population:  
  • Survivals of Gender Based Violence.
  • Persons with Disabilities.
  • Minorities (ethics & religious)
  Major Activities:  Major activities of this project are following.  
  • Established & run a 24/7 Toll-Free helpline
  • Promotion of legal Aid Center/ Helpline (through promotion material)
  • Participation in Networking Meetings
  • Provide legal Assistance & Victim Support to vulnerable populations.
  • Strengthen referral Mechanism through coordination
  • Maintained record & ensure privacy

  • NEWS & Events